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£365.00 £310.25 every 4 weeks

This is a SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE. The price shown above will be charged automatically at your chosen frequency unless cancelled. 

(minimum 4 week subscription commitment with 2 week notice to cancel)

Goal – fat loss
1,200 calories approx
3 x meals per day (breakfast, lunch & dinner) x 6 days
6 day plan (Mon – Sat)

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  3. 3. The price shown is for the first month only.
  4. 4. Your first delivery will arrive within 6 - 8 days

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Allergens / Intolerances

Select any allergens or intolerances you may have. KBK Meal Prep Ltd cannot guarantee there will not be traces of the 14 key allergens listed by the Food Standards Agency in any of the meals. KBK Meal Prep Ltd cannot ensure all allergen requests can be met.


Below are the dislikes we can cater for. Select any of the below that you don't want included in your meals

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Example Menus

The Shred meal prep plan is slightly different to other meal prep services you may find on the market. Most of our competitors offer full customisation over what meals you can have sent to you. While we do provide some flexibility over likes/dislikes and dietary requirements, we believe too much choice can often leave clients feeling confused and unsure of what to buy.

Our menu has been designed to take all the stress out of choosing what meal you should eat. Think of our service as a personal chef. Each week we develop a new menu full of innovative healthy recipes, so you are never left bored or wondering what to eat for dinner. If you really didn’t like a meal on a particular day, you can just send us a message, and we’ll replace it with another meal which is more to your fancy.

As our menu changes each week, we don’t have a consistent list which is available. However, here is an example menu which we’ve created in the past:

What’s included in my Meal Prep package?

On the shred plan, you’ll get two deliveries each week. The reason for this is to maintain freshness and reduce the likelihood of needing to freeze. Our delivery charges are included in the plan price.

Two deliveries per week
Four weeks in a plan
Eight total days of delivery

We don’t make any money on the delivery charge, and this is coming to you at cost price.

Each week you’ll receive eighteen meals to be split across the six days of the week (Monday to Saturday). While we do offer an option to extend the Shred plan to include Sunday, we often find it best for clients to perhaps use the Sunday as a day to have some of the other food you enjoy which are not on the plan.

If you’ve opted in for the healthy snack option (and we recommend you do because they are yummy!), these will be included in your deliveries. We have a range of different healthy snacks, and we are often rotating the range, so you never feel mentally fatigued by a particular item.

Product Overview

Whoever said that losing weight and eating healthy had to be confusing, tasteless and boring? The Kettlebell Kitchen Shred Meal Prep plan has been meticulously designed to be the perfect tool to aid weight loss while still providing the best quality nutrients your body needs.

Made from all-natural ingredients and unprocessed food, each of the meals on the plan will help you remain fuller for longer while blasting those sugar cravings right out of the water. Losing your unwanted weight can be so much easier when you are looking forward to food which tastes as great as it is good for your body.

The Shred Meal Prep plan is perfect for weight loss as it’s nutritional profile is tailored to be slightly reduced in starchy carbohydrates and refined sugars. The elevated levels of ‘good fats’ and protein will mean your body constantly gets the nutrients it requires. If you’ve ever felt sluggish on traditional weight loss diets, this plan will be a welcome surprise for you.

Who is it suited for

The Shred plan is suited for anyone who is looking to kick start their weight loss journey in a healthy and maintainable way. Our Shred clients had experienced fantastic results by following the plan with many commenting on how they never felt like they were on a diet when they were enjoying our plans food.

Whether you’re a fitness fanatic who is at the gym regularly or a casual exerciser who wants to lose weight without all the exercise, our Shred plan will fit into any regime. The 1200-1500 kcals per day depending on the addition of snacks are packed full of essential vitamins and minerals tailored to fuel you throughout your day. If you feel slightly down on calories, you can, of course, supplement the plan with additional food of your choice.

How is it made?

All our meal prep meals are made in a central development kitchen. The kitchen has been designed from the ground up with state-of-the-art equipment. Our in-house team are professional chefs who have extensive experience in similar restaurant, food development and catering jobs.

Twice per week, our production team will look at the order list and prepare the operation to bulk prep your meals. We NEVER freeze your meals and will ALWAYS ensure we deliver them fresh to your door.

We believe food tastes best when it hasn’t been frozen. We just don’t think you can get the same level of flavour in your diet, and often your frozen meals will have added preservatives to help keep them stable. Our meals will always be made with only the freshest ingredients which don’t need added chemicals to keep them full of flavour.

When it comes to dieting, you merely need food to taste amazing, so it doesn’t feel like you’re on a diet.

Once our production run has finished, and all the meals are ready, we pack them into individual boxes ready for delivery across the whole of the UK.

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