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From: £605.00 every 4 weeks

This is a SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE. The price shown above will be charged automatically at your chosen frequency unless cancelled. 

(minimum 4 week subscription commitment with 2 week notice to cancel)

Goal – BULK


2,200 – 2,400 calories approx
4 x meals per day (breakfast, lunch & dinner) x 6 days
6 day plan (Mon – Sat)


3,000 – 3,200 calories approx
5 x meals per day (breakfast, lunch & dinner) x 6 days
6 day plan (Mon – Sat)

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Allergens / Intolerances

Select any allergens or intolerances you may have


Below are the dislikes we can cater for. Select any of the below that you don't want included in your meals

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Allergens / Intolerances

Select any allergens or intolerances you may have


Below are the dislikes we can cater for. Select any of the below that you don't want included in your meals

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Example Menus

Kettlebell Kitchen is like no other meal prep company. Our menus are set throughout the week, so you don’t have to stress about which meal to prepare for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We often ask clients whether they would prefer to have a fully customisable menu and the vast majority come back to us saying that they much prefer the method we present to you today.

What our clients like the most about our type of service are the opportunity to try new healthy food without needing to think of what to prepare, cook, eat and finally clean up. We love seeing the excitement in our clients as they see the new week menu for the first time.

Each week you’ll receive a new menu which is full of new recipes. Every so often we’ll rotate favourite recipes, so you’re never lost without fan favourites. However, if you don’t like one of the recipes on the plan, be sure to get in touch with us, so we know what you dislike in the future.

While our menus are set on a week on week, we do offer a small amount of customisation based on likes/dislikes and dietary requirements. When you purchase the plan, be sure to leave the details in the comments area of the checkout.

As our menu changes each week, we don’t have a consistent list which is available. However, here is an example menu which we’ve created in the past:

What’s included in my meal prep package?

On the KettleBulk plan, you’ll receive two deliveries per week. Our delivery charges are included in the price of the plan.

Two deliveries per week
Four weeks in a plan
Eight total days of delivery

We don’t make any money on the delivery charge, and this is coming to you at cost price.

Over the week, you’ll receive either twenty-four or thirty meals (plus snacks) depending on whether you choose the 4 meal or 5 meal a day option.

All the delivery boxes are insulated and packed full (literally) of ice bangs to ensure your meals are kept at the optimal temperature. We don’t want anything getting warm! The only thing warming these meals up is you placing them into the microwave.

Product Overview

It’s ended, it’s over, you’re at the end of your diet, and you’re ready to reverse and pack on some lean muscle. You’ve done really well to get this far, and now you’re looking to build your body in a healthy, lean and clean way!

Well, read on…

The KettleBulk Meal Prep plan is perfect for those already bulking, or looking to start. As our highest calorie meal prep plan available, it’s packed full of the energy your body needs when you’re trying to build lean muscle. Available as either a four or five meal a day plan with the option of adding snacks, this plan will certainly NOT leave you hungry any time soon.

While the plan is overall much higher in calories than our other available programs, the majority of the bulking recipes are very similar to our Shred and Performance plans. The added calories within the bulk meals are added from ‘healthy fats’ (such as coconut, olive or rapeseed oil) and complex carbohydrates (such as sweet potatoes, quinoa and whole wheat grains).

Who is it recommended for?

As the name suggests, the KettleBulk Meal Prep plan is designed for those looking to increase weight in a healthy and structured way. It’s often misconceived that bulking means you can eat whatever you want as long as you get your calories in. While this method works for some (a small percentage), the quality of the food you consume will often have a significant impact on your overall health and wellbeing.

The KettleBulk plan can be considered a healthy way to gain weight as it full of the nutrients and vitamins which your body needs to remain in tip-top condition. Just because you’re bulking doesn’t mean you should skip on the fruit, veg and fibre!

All our meals are prepared using the highest quality ingredients which are unprocessed and sourced naturally. We look to minimise the number of refined sugars in the plan which can often lead to health problems.

As the primary goal of the plan is to gain weight, increased calorie consumption should be done in a managed and healthy way to minimise the risk of fat build up on the body.

How is it made?

All our meal prep plans are made in our dedicated development kitchen. Our meal prep facility is state-of-the-art using the same equipment you would expect in any restaurant kitchen. It is often misconceived that our meal prep plans are created at our restaurant kitchens, and this is usually not the case – The Kettlebell Kitchen restaurants are just far too busy!

Our team of highly skilled chefs have countless years of experience working in either restaurants, events catering, or food development kitchens. They are the backbone of our meal prep operation and are also keen fitness fanatics to boot.

Once the meal prep is ready, your meals are packed into next day delivery boxes ready to be shipped nationwide.

As we don’t freeze meals (we believe food tastes best when it’s kept fresh and not frozen), we make two delivery runs per week. Our delivery schedule is in place to ensure you always get your meals at the best possible time to maximise flavour, quality and nutrient density.

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