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The price shown above is for 4 weeks of meals and includes FREE Nationwide Delivery. If however, you would rather pick up your order from one of our stores, you will receive a £40 discount on checkout.

Goal – varies with macro goal/requirement
Fully tailored macro plans, food weighed in accordance to plan.
Either come to us with your own macros or we can sit with you and create them for you to suit your goals.

NOTE: excessive macros may incur an extra charge.

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By signing up to our subscription service, you will be automatically billed every 4 weeks and receive an ongoing 10% discount on your order.

(minimum 8 week subscription commitment)

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Allergens / Intolerances

Select any allergens or intolerances you may have


Below are the dislikes we can cater for. Select any of the below that you don't want included in your meals

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