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Performance Prep

From: £335.00 every 4 weeks

This is a SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE. The price shown above will be charged automatically at your chosen frequency unless cancelled. 

(minimum 4 week subscription commitment with 2 week notice to cancel)

Goal – fat loss

1,100-1,200 calories
2 x meals (lunch & dinner only)
6 day plan (mon – Sat)

1,700-1,800 calories
3 x meals (breakfast, lunch & dinner)
6 day plan (mon – Sat)

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Allergens / Intolerances

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Below are the dislikes we can cater for. Select any of the below that you don't want included in your meals

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Allergens / Intolerances

Select any allergens or intolerances you may have


Below are the dislikes we can cater for. Select any of the below that you don't want included in your meals

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Example Menus

At Kettlebell, we like to structure our meal prep service a little differently to our competitors. We often find that other meal prep companies offer levels of meal customisation which can often leave customers confused and unsure of what to pick.

Think of us as your own personal chef. We plan out a new menu each week which includes fresh new recipes which have been created in our development kitchen. We also adopt many of the fan favourites you see in Kettlebell Kitchen restaurants, so you can enjoy more of the same food you see when eating in our stores.

As our menu changes each week, we don’t have a consistent list which is available. However, here is an example menu which we’ve created in the past:

What’s included in my Meal Prep package?

On the Performance plan, you’ll receive two deliveries per week. Again, the two deliveries are to ensure your food is kept as fresh as possible. Our delivery charges included in the price of your plan.

Two deliveries per week
Four weeks in a plan
Eight total days of delivery

Over the week, you’ll either receive twelve or eighteen meals (plus snacks) depending on whether you choose the two meal or three meal plan. Remember, if you select the two meal Performance plan, breakfast is not included.

Product Overview

Happy with your weight but needing that extra edge? Feeling tired of preparing the same old meals for yourself? Unsure of how to spice up your menu? Let us show you how amazingly tasty, diverse and satisfying a healthy and clean diet plan can be. Not only that, but let us take the hassle out of all the preparation and delivery while you sit back and focus on what’s important; your performance.

Derived from all natural ingredients and unprocessed food, each of the meals on the plan will help you remain fuller for longer while blasting those sugar cravings right out of the water. Look forward to food which tastes as great as it is good for your body. The Performance Plan is for maintaining your weight while delivering excellent macros for improved performance, energy and focus.

The Performance Meal Prep plan prides itself on its clean approach and utilisation of only the freshest produce. We believe the taste of wholesome foods can speak for itself, as they say, “the proof of the pudding is in the eating!”, well, give us the chance to prove this adage is correct!

Who is it suited for

It’s an interesting conundrum which many fall into:

Do I want to lose weight?
Or, do I want to build muscle?

What if you don’t want to do either? Some of us want to maintain our weight and remain healthy. We have designed the performance plan with your health and wellbeing as the primary goal.

It’s all about balance with the Performance plan, and each meal has been configured to contain the right amount of vitamins and macronutrients for you to be able to live a long and healthy life. Yes, you can lose or gain weight using the plan, but that is entirely down to each’s body type.

The Performance plan is well suited for individuals who are looking to maintain their hard-earned physique while removing the ties which bind them to their kitchen due to continuous meal preparation. Our Performance clients have given excellent feedback while following the plan, many stating that the ideas and menus were not only enjoyable but exciting and varied.

How is it made?

Our clients often believe that our meals are prepared at our Kettlebell Kitchen restaurants; however, this is not the case! Our kitchens are just too busy to handle the production of all the meals!

We have a bespoke meal prep production facility which is fitted with the type of state-of-the-art equipment you would expect in a restaurant kitchen. The facility is staffed by highly skilled chefs who have years of experience cooking high-quality dishes in either restaurant, events catering, or food development outlets.

Our facility allows us to make thousands of orders without losing any quality. If you were to follow our recipes by hand and compare it to a meal prepared in our facility, we promise there would be little to no difference.

Once our team has prepared your meals, they are carefully packed into delivery boxes ready for their journeys around the UK. Each box is insulated and packed tight with freezer packs so your food remains chilled while in transit for delivery.

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