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Ultimate Detox


2 week detox and fast shred plan.
2 x pick-ups/deliveries per week (delivery + £60)
14 x pure lemon shots
14 x Aloe Shots
12 x Veg boost and Avo shakes
12 x Soups
14 x Alkaline waters (PH 9)
20 x Mini low/no carb meals

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The purpose of the detox programme is to clean up your digestive tract, get vital vitamins and minerals into your system, flush out toxins and a higher ‘good fat’ content of the programme has a shock effect on your metabolism thus resetting your body and putting you into a fast fat burning state. The plan also aims to keep your body within a more alkaline state rather than acidic. Bodies in an alkaline state are in a ‘healthy’ state – better for fat burning and fighting diseases.

Our detox is great for:

  • ‘A quick fix’ for holiday or event whereby you don’t have 8 + weeks to correctly ‘slim down’ to desired results.
  • Excellent for a metabolism reset – if you’re feeling sluggish and need a kick start.
  • A good kick-start before hitting our other meal plans.
  • On average – clients have lost 8 + pounds.
  • Strengthening the immune system.
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