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1,500 calories approx
3 x meals per day (breakfast, lunch & dinner) x 6 days
6 day plan (Mon – Sat)

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Mushroom, tomato and Eggs (H,C)
Slow roasted plum tomato, baked field mushroom with free range scramble egg with a sprinkle of chive, spring onion and chilli flakes
 Allergens, Eggs

 Protein Pancakes and Fruit (H,C)
“Kettlebell Kitchens Protein” pancakes, fresh low fat natural yoghurt, honey, pomegranate seeds, blueberries and fruit compote
Allergens, Milk, eggs, wheat

 Dry Oats (H,C)
Kettlebell Kitchens own Strawberry protein, oats, white chocolate chips – add water or milk
Allergens, Milk



Piri Piri Quorn with Citrus Rice (H,C)
Piri Piri seasoned Quorn, on a bed of brown rice mixed with diced red and yellow peppers, spring onion, red chilli garnished with fresh coriander and wedge of lime
Allergens, None

Pesto Vegetable Orzo Salad (H,C)–
Pesto orzo pasta, broccoli, fine beans, garden peas parmesan shavings with pine nuts and pumpkin seeds
Allergens, Nuts, Wheat, Milk

Baked Sweet Potato with Clean BBQ Beans (H,C)–
Baked sweet potato, clean BBQ beans on a bed of spinach with raw slaw
Allergens, None



Quorn in Tomato & Basil Sauce (H)–
Quorn fillets with a tomato & basil sauce, saffron new potatoes, wilted kale and fine beans
Allergens,  Celery

Sesame Tofu Stir Fry (H,C) –
Grilled Tofu on a bed of egg noodles, courgette, broccoli, red and yellow peppers, sesame seeds with a chilli and soy dip
Allergens, Sesame, Wheat, Eggs, Soya

Quorn Sausage Casserole (H)–
Slices of Quorn sausage in a cannellini bean, leek and tomato casserole with kale and cubed roasted potatoes
Allergens, Celery

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