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skinny drinking

Skinny drinking – alcohol that’s low in calories, high in fun

Let’s not play pretend; most of us love going out for a few – or maybe a lot of – drinks. Especially in Manchester where the city centre is packed full of bars serving drinks from across the world. But our love for a good night out sometimes leaves us with a moral dilemma. Do you go out with your friends or stay in and keep on track with your diet? After all, the chances of things getting messy are usually quite high. If only there was an alternative – if only you could do some skinny drinking.

A few drinks won’t hurt

In the moment, going for a few drinks after work doesn’t sound like the worst idea in the world. You’ve smashed your WODs this week, and a few drinks are more than deserved. You could always stick to drinks that are low-cal – maybe spirits. Right? But nothing sugary. Cocktails are definitely out of the question.

So, you and your mates go out in force to the pub to get the night underway. Pre-made, super-easy, cheap drinks – you’re sorted. Your friend is buying the first round and asks you what you want. You say two shots of vodka and a diet coke, that’s on the low-cal list, surely.

But, when you’re presented with four pints of lager because it’s happy hour what are you going to do? The calories start adding up. Months of hard work, dedication, and not giving in to the devil on your shoulder screaming “CAKE” every time you smash your goals are at risk now, all because of a night at the pub. Then there’s the messy food afterwards.

Then again, it’s 2-for-1, and it’s a busy month for your social calendar. Maybe your friend was doing you a favour.

Get those thoughts out of your head. Drinking doesn’t need to cost you your health or all your money.

A few drinks could hurt

Research has shown that in the UK it’s not uncommon to gain an average of 2 lbs on a boozy night out. This is partly due to the amount of alcohol that is consumed in our culture of binging and excess.

One pint of Guinness contains 210 calories. When you’re three pints in that’s 630 calories. Your average 250ml of red wine contains 214 calories, or if you’re finishing the bottle, 644 calories. Even if you’re sticking to the least fattening drinks you can find, one shot of tequila is still 64 calories. Not to mention the amount of sugar that goes into making those sweet cocktails we pretend we don’t love.

Then there’s the food. Alcohol makes you hungry. In fact, for women, the cravings start after an average of eight units – about two or three glasses of wine. For men, it’s a bit higher, although one study showed men began to get hungry after around four pints of beer.

Not only do you need to worry about the calories from alcohol taking its toll on your PBs, but you also have to be concerned with the calories from food. That trip down to Oxford Road’s infamous fast food restaurants at 2 am is not going to do you any favours. Also, think about the hangover – you can’t do pull-ups after a night of drinking. Your AMRAP is likely to turn into AARP – are any reps possible? That’s an entire day or more of not working out and that two days can make all the difference between smashing it at the next open or going home to bed, disappointed, with a box of chocs while you scroll through photos of everyone else’s gym selfies.

Don’t miss out; drink skinny instead

Unlike most popular bars, at Kettlebell Kitchen, we incorporate these low-calorie options into cocktails made with fresh ingredients. Our skinny lager contains just 84 calories.

Choosing skinny drinking means three lagers will only be 267 calories. If lager isn’t your drink, why not try our cocktails? Three of these well-earnt treats will only add up to 270 calories. What’s more, we don’t add any sugar-filled sickly syrup that will undo all your hard work in the gym. Feeling fancy? There’s always our skinny rose and prosecco on hand. With far fewer calories than traditional brands, you can crack open a bottle without the guilt.

For everything you need for a great all-day drinks session in the sun, visit one of our stores in Ancoats, Spinningfields, or First Street in Manchester. If you like what you see, why don’t you let us come straight to you?

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