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  • Renewal payments must be made between 7 – 10 days before the end of your current cycle.
  • You are committed to 4 consecutive weeks, the plan is non-refundable or transferable.
  • The meal prep team will contact clients from as early as 1-week prior to meal prep expiry. A review of meal prep options and selections will also take place 1 week before client’s meal prep plan ends. Menu and plan prices may change and vary, at our discretion, at any time.
  • Clients must disclose any dietary requirements and/or allergies to meal prep coordinator upon sign up to meal prep and/or during every review.
  • Once client’s meal prep plan has started, the 4-week cycle must be completed.
  • Request to pause meal plans must be made at the start of your plan, allowing 4 weeks notice. Confirmation of pauses will be at the discretion of Kettlebell Kitchen.
  • We may use any photographs of transformation for our use in social media or marketing
  • Meal prep cannot be extended for less than one 4 week cycle.
  • You are unable to switch plans once your plan cycle has begun.
  • Any meals you wish to skip due to dislikes or wish to cancel could mean doubling up on one of the existing meals.
  • Any changes to Macro plans must be given to the Meal Prep Manager 1 week prior to next collection.
  • Meal prep cannot be exchanged for a credit note/gift card and cannot be refunded.
  • All meal prep enquiries must be sent to the meal prep manager via email
  • Allergens – food allergens and intolerances – KBK MEAL PREP LIMITED cannot guarantee there will not be traces of the 14 key allergens listed by the Food Standards Agency in any of the meals. Kettlebell Kitchen cannot ensure all allergen requests can be met.

Meal Prep Client Allergy Policy

Anaphylaxis – Individuals (children and adults) with severe allergies to nuts, wheat, gluten, milk and other dairy foods, egg, sesame or soy that result in ANAPHYLACTIC REACTION upon ingestion or inhalation of, or any other exposure to the allergen, understand that Kettlebell Kitchen currently use an offsite facility for meal prep food production therefore cannot control, and will not liable for any cross contamination, substances, or liability of any severe allergies.

Mild Allergies

Any individual with a mild allergy still wishing to purchase any of our Meal Prep offering is required to sign our Allergy Indemnity Form below prior to purchase.

  • Kettlebell kitchen LTD reserves the right to contact customer client base either via call, email or text message in relation to renewals or promotional offers applicable.
  • All content included on this interactive service, such as text, graphics, button icons, images and software, is our property and is protected by UK and European copyright laws.
  • We will not be liable or responsible for any failure to perform, or delay in performance of, any of our obligations under a Contract that is caused by events outside our reasonable control.

Subscription Service

  • When signing up to Kettlebell Kitchen meal prep subscription, you will be automatically billed every 4 weeks and receive an ongoing 10% discount on your order.
  • You must a minimum of 8 consecutive weeks.
  • If your meal plan is cancelled within 8 weeks of your start date, you will be refunded zero value for cancelling.
  • Furthermore, you will be charged the difference in price.

Delivery Option

  • Kettlebell Kitchen will provide clients with fresh meals over two deliveries per week for a minimum of a 4 week cycle, from your start date. The plan operates for 4 consecutive weeks from your start date.
  • Kettlebell Kitchen uses an external courier service DPD to fulfil our delivery requirements. As our products are perishable, it is vital that someone is available for delivery. If the consumer is not available at the time of delivery, please ensure that either someone is available to receive the goods or please specify a safe place to leave them.
  • If on delivery you find that any products are damaged or are in an unacceptable condition then you must inform us as soon as possible and give us the opportunity to inspect the Product. If, at our discretion, we find that the Product delivered is not up to standard, we will refund the cost of such unsatisfactory Product to you. We will not be responsible for any Product which is damaged or faulty through your failure to store correctly.
  • Deliveries will be made every Monday & Thursday.
  • Kettlebell Kitchen are not liable for losses of goods once they have been dispatched.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure food is stored, handled and reheated correctly according to food safety regulations. Kettlebell Kitchen will not hold responsibility for after it has been dispatched.
  • We take every precaution to ensure our meals are delivered as practically as possible, however if at any point you are not satisfied with the quality of your goods, please contact us at and we’ll reply within 24 hours.
  • All meals must be consumed within 72 hours from the appointed day of delivery.

Collection Option

  • Meal Prep plans will commence on a Monday or Thursday and all collection must be made between 7am and 9pm on the respective day from Ancoats, First Street collections are available from 8am – 9pm.
  • Late meal prep collections cannot be exchanged or replaced; it is the client’s responsibility to collect meal prep on the designated days. Any uncollected meal prep will be disposed of by Kettlebell Kitchen.
  • All meals must be consumed within 72 hours from the appointed day of collection.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure food is stored, handled and reheated correctly according to food safety regulations. Kettlebell Kitchen will not hold responsibility for after it has been collected.
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